LawEval - Logging In

Welcome to LawEval. LawEval is the first decision making platform of its kind engineered specifically for the unique needs of law firms.

Each firm will be assigned their own unique login URL/subdomain.

An initial login username and password will be provided during your firm's onboarding process. Keep these initial credentials somewhere safe.

These initial login credentials will authorize you and your firm to create personal user accounts to use with the LawEval platform.

Share these initial credentials with additional people within your firm to allow them to create their own account.

To log in to LawEval for the first time, place your firm's unique URL/subdomain into your web browser.

Then enter the initial login username and password that was provided to your firm, and click Log In.

At this point you will be prompted to continue setting up your personal account by entering your email address and name.

After you have entered your details, an email will immediately be sent to your individual email address.

The email from LawEval will include your firm's unique URL, along with your new personal password, which can be changed through the app if desired.

Return to the LawEval login page, enter your personal email and password, then Log In. Use these credentials from now on, instead of the initial credentials.

Congratulations!!! You are now in LawEval. The default screen will vary depending on which LawEval package you are signed up for.

If at any time you wish to change your password, click on Profile, located in the Account section. Thank you. And enjoy your new LawEval.