LawEval - Analytics Module

Welcome to LawEval. LawEval is the first decision making platform of its kind engineered specifically for the unique needs of law firms.

After logging in, click on Overview in the Analytics module.

You will be presented with the Analytics dashboard, which can be configured to your preferences by contacting us.

By default the dashboard contains overviews of the most important metrics of your S-E-O, traffic, marketing, digital, and social ad campaigns.

You can find specific additional data by expanding the overview icon.

On the right, the date range can be adjusted, as well as compared to another date range.

Also on the right, the report can be downloaded as a PDF, or shared via a link.

The exact layout can be custom built, but a common layout would show Google Analytics, Organic Search, Keyword Rankings, Competition Analysis, and Backlinks.

Thanks for your attention! Stay tuned for more information.