LawEval - Performance Monitoring Module

Welcome to LawEval. LawEval is the first decision making platform of its kind engineered specifically for the unique needs of law firms.

After logging in, the default dashboard will be presented. The default dashboard is the Overview within the Performance Monitoring Module.

The data visible includes lead information, overall website performance, and digital asset uptime.

Most of the data shown in the dashboard as well as throughout LawEval is kept in real-time, and will update automatically without needing to refresh.

Several of the digital assets that are being monitored by LawEval are presented under the Assets area.

This Assets area allows quick access to overall uptime percentages, outages over the last 30 days, and categorical statuses.

The first two charts show different views of combined uptime.

The chart on the left includes daily uptime percentages of all digital assets. Hovering over each day will reveal each percentage.

The chart on the right shows the combined uptime percentage over the last 30 days, and can be adjusted to just today, or yesterday's percentage as well.

A list of various digital assets being closely monitored is available under each category.

The two status blocks on the left of each item show the status of the last 30 days, and the current real-time status.

Clicking on a digital asset allows further inspection of any outages.

Within each digital asset, various charts are shown to reflect overall combined uptime over a time period, as well as daily uptime percentages.

Along with a timeline of the most recent outages, helpful information is also shown pertaining to the digital asset being monitored.

Performance is another feature of the Monitoring Module, and is located below the Assets area.

Site and key-page performance is available showing detailed speed and metric data points captured daily, from Google's PSI, Lighthouse, and Core Web Vitals.

The data is shown side-by-side comparing mobile and desktop pages. Filtering can be done by key pages as well as by date range.

Underneath the initial PSI charts, additional key metric data is available showing specific concern areas around performance, as well as trends for each.

The trend charts at the bottom correspond to the selected metric from the dropdown, or, by clicking the metric from the list above.

Visual History is located below Performance.

LawEval takes a snapshot multiple times per day of each of your websites, including homepages as well as key pages.

The screenshots are available by date. Both desktop and mobile versions are kept, and each can be zoomed in for closer inspection.

Alerts is located below Visual History. As the service discovers issues or important information, alerts are automatically generated to notify you.

The Alerts area shows all unarchived alerts generated from LawEval. These alerts can be configured to send to multiple emails, and can also be filtered by type.

Clicking on an alert will show more information about the alert, with the ability to view the related monitor. Archiving an alert will hide it from this screen.

Urgent alerts include major outages. Essential alerts include warnings about potential problems. Notices include informational alerts.

Thanks for your attention! Stay tuned for more information.