LawEval - Leads Module

Welcome to LawEval. LawEval is the first decision making platform of its kind engineered specifically for the unique needs of law firms.

After logging in, click on Overview in the Leads module.

The Leads area gives an overview and deep dive of all integrated channels and sources.

The Overview defaults to the last 30 days and can be filtered by week, month, quarter, as well as year-to-date.

For each date range, a total number of leads is shown along with trends of all channels, and a breakdown of leads by type (form, call, chat, and other).

Individual lead types can be isolated in the charts themselves for easier viewing. Hovering over data points will reveal total leads for that time period.

The performance of each type of leads is also available, including totals and percentages for the selected time frame.

Below the chart area, in Lead Review, a list of all leads within the date range are presented.

On the right, leads can be classified. Classifications are stored for each of the leads and can be updated at any time.

Clicking on a lead will open additional information about that lead. Leads classifications can also be done when viewing a lead.

The Integrations area shows where leads are being pulled from and sent, both inbound and outbound.

The charts in this area show an uptime percentage for each of the integrations as issues occur with platforms or channels.

Clicking on an integration allows a deep dive to reveal additional information about that integration and the leads arriving or being sent through that avenue.

Thanks for your attention! Stay tuned for more information.